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Commercial Solar Systems

Send us your enquiry today for a smarter energy solution for your Business! Commercial rooftops are ‘prime real estate’ for solar panels, giving you the opportunity to turn unused space into an energy-producing, cost-cutting asset Queensland is making the most of its reputation as the Sunshine State by leading the national charge into large-scale solar power. Our state already boasts the most rooftop solar power in the country and is now shaping up as the home of large-scale solar. In a time of excalating business costs, the economic advantages of solar power are becoming increasingly difficult for businesses to ignore. A solar system is the practical solution that delivers benefits to your bottom line, whilst protecting your business against future electricity price rises. By utilising the sun’s natural energy, not only are you making a conscious decision to protect the environment, but you are also making a secure, profitable investment for your company. In addition to decreasing your cost-to-income ratio, solar power can help insulate your business from volatility in electricity rates, in fact installing a PV system allows you to match or better your current electricity rate. To ensure a business’s long-term sustainability, it is important to break the dependency between daily operations and a reliance on an ever increasing costly energy supply. Rising peak demand on the power network, higher costs of capital and the replacement of ageing assets has created a scenario that will double power prices over the next five years. A breakdown of the average electricity bill shows transmission and distribution networks – the poles and wires – are the largest components of the average bill. Additionally, the Federal Government’s carbon tax is designed to encourage energy efficiency by increasing the electricity bills for businesses, househoulds and individuals. As the cost of electricity bills for businesses, becomes intrinsically linked to a company’s bottomline, environmental programmes will increasingly become a matter of competitive advantage rather than an exercise in corporate social responsibility or regulatory compliance. A structured approach to managing these risks and identifying business opportunities is central to competitive advantage. The POWER Shop’s Commercial specialist – Troy Lobegeiger, can tailor a solar system to help benefit your business in a variety of ways. Established since 1995 – Operating our local solar & electrical business for 22 years.The POWER Shop’s Commercial specialist – Troy Lobegeiger, can tailor a solar system to help benefit your business in a variety of ways including: • Financial Advantages • Reduce your Company’s carbon footprint • Brand Positioning • Improve your buildings’ energy rating • Government incentives • Low maintenance solutions • Performance monitoring • Claim a tax deduction on a commercial solar power installed on your business premises. • Our commercial consultants can perform an energy audit and modelling prior to producing a proposal which contain all the tables and graphs which include a detailed section on the ROI expected from the project (The higher the rate, the higher the ROI as the power offset will result in a higher amount saved) Speak to our Accredited Commercial Solar Designer/Installer – Troy Lobegeiger today and start designing a system to meet your firm’s financial goals, budget, energy consumption and environmental targets! Email: Phone: 492POWER (4927 6937) or Mobile: 0419-211006 Accredited Solar Designer/Installer : Lic# A0724449 (CEC) ; Master Electrician: Lic# 65312 (On-grid, Off-grid & Hybrid Battery Storage for Residential & Commercial Solar)
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